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Park, Yoon-Jae(박윤재)

추천인 : 10394112
후원인 : 10394112

Counsultant, dōTERRA Essential Oils
Adjunct Professor, aSSIST
Security Design Evaluation Association, Public Relations Director
Korea Physical Security Association, Regular Member
Future Industry Intelligence Co., Ltd, Director
State Department of Veterans Affairs, Mentor
Industry Security Professional Media, Boan24, Editor
BlockChain Security Association, Association

Industrial Security Policy Research
industrial Security Consulting
Internet of Things Security Research
Information protection Technology and Strategy
Privacy Policy and Case Studies
Access Control Technology and Strategy Research
4th Industrial Revolution and BlockChain Security Research
Drone coordination and Operational Security Research
Cloud Security Case Study
Crime Prevention Management Methodology Research

2012. 03, MBA. in Industrial Security, aSSIST
2018. 10, Ph.D. in Information Security, SVU

Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies (2016.9 ~ present),
Adjunct Professor
Security Industry Research Association (2015.12-present), Director
Security Design Evaluation Association (2018.11), Director
Non-profit corporation National Safety Agency (2017.06–present), director

Published Journals
A Research on the Effectiveness of the Vulnerability Detection Against Leakage of Proprietary Information Using Digital Forensic Methods(2017.9), KCI.
A Study on Passwordless Authentication Technology and Its Effects,Vol. 6, No 1, June 2018, IJRIA.
A Study on Digital Signature Authentication Algorithm Based on Multi-Factor and Public Key Infrastructure, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 8 (1.4) (2019) 630-63, SCOPUS.